Spa Chemicals


Spa Life Brominating Tablets

Special brominating sanitizer for spas.



Spa Life Mini Pucks

15 gram trichlor tablets for spa sanitation



Spa Life Spa Mate

Controls bacteria & algae when used with SPA BOOST.



Spa Life Spa Boost

Activates SPA MATE to provide bromine sanitation.



Spa Life Clor

Lithium sanitizer for spas.



Spa Life pH Minus

Lowers pH of spa water



Spa Life pH Plus

Raises the pH of spa water.



Spa Life Buffer

Raises alkalinity of spa water.



Spa Life Cal

Raises calcium hardness in spa water.



Spa Life Shock

Non-chlorine shock in a pouch & display box.



Spa Life Clean

A low sudsing cleaner to remove dirt and calcium spots.



Spa Life Super Clarifier

Coagulates fine particles to aid the filter.



Spa Life Filter Free

Loosens oil & minerals from spa filter.



Spa Life Cover Care

Cover cleaner & restorerto protect against the environment.



Spa Life Scum Free

Eliminates scum line and oil buildup



Spa Life Secure

Prevents scale and staining. Protects the heater.